Hello reader! Nice to see you stuck around to read this post. Feel free to comment and share your opinions or thoughts or even frustrations on this topic as I do. 

First of all I feel the education system is outdated – way way outdated. The world right now needs creative minds, not minds that have been told to think and write in a certain way in order to be awarded by some mark scheme??! I’ve asked a lot of adults a particular question. Did you really apply all of your schooling education to the work you do now? And some of these adults were actually working in the field they studied in, But guess what, a lot of their responses included something like: not really. Pathetic! We’re here studying all manner of abstract concepts and ideologies from men  that died years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say school is absolutely useless. Of course not. I feel there are better patterns and ways the education system should be trailing in this modern age. Children are now more inquisitive than ever before; learning and knowing things some 30-year-olds don’t even know to this day! How do we accommodate such change and build a system that works with this? 

One thing I know definitely is we can’t continue to teach abstract physics and chemistry and loads of other content from other subjects and expect students to just excel. I am actually learning advanced physics  at the moment and currently learning on fundamental particles. I do respect the individuals of old who were intelligent enough to come up with these fantastic theories but on a real note, how do they affect me and  more largely why am I learning physics. (That’s a personal one)

A little on me before you think I’m just talking out of annoyance (which I am 😐). I’m a high school graduate. I got an A in the IGCSE Physics and a B in the West African Secondary School Exam commonly known as the WASSCE. The point is, yes I could stress myself enough and take time to really understand these concepts and applications but where does it all come together? 

Now some of you might be saying I should relax a little since I’ve barely started university but, the adults I’ve talked to have already stated the fact that they use very little of the knowledge they stressed to gain. Basically I feel there should be another proposed model on how education to take form in the 21st century. And as a matter of fact, I’ve come up with an idea.

In my opinion, students should acquire the basic knowledge they need (the equivalent of years 1 through 9) in the Nigerian system and then go ahead into realistic stuff. Children should be shown products NOT CAREERS and work on how they could build it. I’ll give an example. During classes, I feel particularly from year 10. Children could be shown a toothbrush, learn extensively about its features and be given an open class to just think of how the everyday toothbrush model could be developed.  There should be the initial time maybe 20 mins of personal thinking, The children are given the liberty to draw, write, or however they feel comfortable expressing their minds. After that there should be time for groupwork. I emphasize so strongly on groupwork because the collision of previous ideas could give birth to even better and more feasible options. The idea of the personal time is to ensure every child gets the opportunity to think and also is not dependent on other kids’ ideas. Students who are interested in proceeding with these ideas can then take courses as the years go by into the physical manufacturing of what they’ve designed in the classroom. 

Teachers can take note of those interested in drawing and propose related products to them. They could begin a journey of becoming an artist or learn how to design an app. And other careers likewise. In essence, let everything be SPECIFICALLY proposed and taught accordingly,. Students who like debate can be introduced to specific law courses. And for sure there will always be the sports lovers who would also be discovered. 

Let students know what they’re headed for so that they can see why each topic taught is of essence. If a child wants to make the toothbrush flexible, he or she will understand why the topic on deformation of solids is necessary. And other courses likewise. 

Lastly, let me mention that interests will definitely change as time goes on but here’s the good thing. A child being creative would definitely still enjoy the program as he/she sees the product that’s forming or the knowledge that’s going to be used. 

There are so many other ideas and ways this education system model can succeed. Should we continue to discuss on this?

Now, back to my physics assignment.