Wake up…

 Hello reader, glad to see you here again😆, or if you’re new, well you’re not late. This is only my second post! If you’re seeing this now, it’s unedited at the moment. I just scribbled down a few. Here we go! Are we getting blind? Are our eyes slowly shutting? We dwell right in the heart of the last days and yet that’s the last thing we seem to care about as if that’s the
Hello reader! Nice to see you stuck around to read this post. Feel free to comment and share your opinions or thoughts or even frustrations on this topic as I do.  First of all I feel the education system is outdated – way way outdated. The world right now needs creative minds, not minds that have been told to think and write in a certain way in order to be awarded by some mark scheme??!
Microsoft is getting ready to announce the unveiling of its latest Windows release, Windows 11. Code-named Sun Valley, the update will translate to a complete redo of the current windows user interface. In a version of the build that was recently leaked, a couple of new features were noticed. The most obvious new feature is that there is a floating and centered Start Menu and a centered Taskbar. Windows 11 has ditched its Live Tiles