Computer networks are the heart of any business, and the ease of connecting new systems and making data available is a key to early payback. Whether you are installing a new computer network, upgrading your current infrastructure or just looking to improve its performance, we can offer you sound, knowledgeable and impartial advice to allow you to install a fast, reliable, robust and computer network solution.

Computer networks deliver a number of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Staff productivity increases through remote and secure 24-7 access to documents, customer data, timesheets, intranets etc. when employees are out of the office, giving employees secure access to business-critical documentation anytime and anywhere
  • Employees can collaborate and communicate more effectively with colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers through email, telephone, instant messaging and video conferencing
  • Data and information can be circulated between employees quickly and easily, reducing the costly need to print and distribute hard copies of documents
  • Informed decision making is improved and accelerated by rapid sharing of information and viewpoints
  • Every computer linked to a network can access and share hardware and software, including central faxing from one machine and printing from a shared printer
  • A network-based server solution offers greater security as the data on each computer can be automatically and regularly backed up on a central server

Your IT infrastructure has a major impact on business performance so it is crucial to get it right. We know the essential questions to ask to gain an accurate understanding of your needs, and we will work with you to select a network that not only improves your current performance but also takes account of your longer term requirements.

We offer a range of computer network services, including the provision of network advice and recommendations on the range of cabling options and network elements available, such as routers, bridges, interface cards, switches, gateways, servers, backup solutions, disaster recovery and security options.

We offers computer network services in a wide range of industry sectors including accountancy, the legal profession, hairdressing, retail, catering and hospitality, consultancy, medical and health, charity, estate agency etc.

Our computer network services include:

  • Network Design and Configuration Services
  • Network Security Services

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