Wake up…

 Hello reader, glad to see you here again😆, or if you’re new, well you’re not late. This is only my second post! If you’re seeing this now, it’s unedited at the moment. I just scribbled down a few. Here we go!

Are we getting blind? Are our eyes slowly shutting? We dwell right in the heart of the last days and yet that’s the last thing we seem to care about as if that’s the most insignificant thing right now. The bible – the living Word of God has told us there shall be wars and rumours of wars in the last days, the love of men shall wax cold, basically saying people will become heartless and many other harsh truths to the ear, yet we seem deaf. The words I use seem harsh but the truth is when will we wake up? How long will we continue in this pseudo-reality of life? We’re living each day anticipating our next event, our friend’s upcoming birthdays, that oh so near promotion, and the vacation to Ibadan. Notice how I mentioned genuine concerns. However, the truth is that there will come a time, you’ll forget your age, not because of a mental disorder but because it’s irrelevant. There’ll come a time it’ll be you versus eternity. It’s almost like at that time we’ll feel snapped out. Snapped out of this fake comfort that we can’t imagine escaping. These words come like bitter cola to our mouths or ears if they could, but it will happen. Yes – it will! 

At that time your faith, your relationship with God, the so-called ‘devotions’ you use to have in the morning – all will be tested. For a second, imagine yourself running, faster, no FASTER, you’re seeing gunmen behind you, their charcoal black guns are all around you, people are screaming, and you turn back to see shatters of what should be your home. You don’t know where you’re running to but you know you’re running. Hopefully, there’s a little form of safety on the way, hopefully. You’ve lost track of your sister, your mother, your family. It’s just you and random others running to where you don’t know. What would you want to do then? We’re all here enjoying barbecue, laughing away our time with friends, not preparing for what is coming. It all seems like a joke – a lie – but I tell you Ukraine thought the same. What makes you any different? Beef up your relationship with God, like FOR REAL. If you aren’t able to distinguish the voice of God by now, know that your time is ticking. It seems like forever until that moment strikes. They say 5 seconds before an attack, you were licking ice cream.

Okay, now, you may release your breath. Breathe in seriously, IN! Hold it… Hold it… Hold itttt! And out! This message is not to scare you. It’s to wake you up. As children of God, we’re divinely protected. Hold on to that truth. Psalm 91 verses 1 and 2 are one of many scriptures that verify my statement. He is always with us, even to the end of the age. Do not fear, do not be dismayed for I am with you says the Lord. God is our refuge, a very present help in times of trouble. Today, I urge everyone including myself who is guilty of not less than all of which I have mentioned to start to do one thing. Wake up. 

Okay, so that was supposed to be a cool ending but I’ve not gotten everything across. For our fellow teenagers and youths, I was initially talking about knowing the voice of God but in our case, we have a lot of construction work to do. And with not much time. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit. There must not be one of us who cannot speak in tongues. Know God and pursue Him. These celebrities and social media apps we so earnestly give ourselves to, they won’t be there in time of trouble. Your phone will be the last of your concerns when you’re faced with life and death. Learn about God, and read books about the men of old. What did they do differently? Forsake friends who are not ready to understand the path your taking. You’ll be grateful. God is with us!